offers Widow's Mite Christian Jewelry & Gifts containing authentic ancient widow's mite coins excavated in Israel from the time of Jesus

Jewelry should mean something. When women rejoice upon receiving a beautiful diamond ring, the joy isn't in receiving a rare crystallized form of carbon. The joy is in receiving a symbol -- a symbol so powerful that a man is willing to spend a month's salary on it to say "I love you".

The same should be true of Christian jewelry. A cross, for example, is likewise a powerful symbol. Someone who wears a cross or crucifix immediately associates him or herself with Jesus' selflessness who willingly gave his life that we may live.

Likewise, as a cross has a strong Christian message, so too does the Widow's Mite coin. When you give the gift of the Widow's Mite, you are saying to the recipient, "When you wear this piece of Christian Jewelry, you are connecting yourself to the poor Widow mentioned in both the Gospels of Mark and Luke whom Jesus praised for her ultimate sacrifice. She gave her last two 'mites' to the Holy Temple because she knew God would provide for her next meal."

So when you receive your widow's mite pendant or coin, hold it in your hand and realize that this coin actually circulated in Israel during Jesus' lifetime. Just imagine who may have handled the coin, what they purchased with it, or how they may have blessed the lives of others, including Jesus and his disciples. Did this coin pass through Jesus' hands, or the hands of his disciples? It's certainly possible. It's truly amazing when you stop to think about it.

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